Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Heavenly Father

I got the privelage of taking Mom and Dad Christian to the airport on Monday morning at six a.m. The ride on the way back was quiet and calm, a perfect time to have a conversation with God. This might sound a little weird but I'm going to say it anyways.
While I was driving I was praying out to God, asking him to give me direction for life, take this situation we are in and make it into something so much better. This is the revelation I got out of our conversation.

When Cameron is kicking and screaming because he wants to do things his way we will gently pick him up and take him into a whole nother environment so he will stop and listen to us. I have been a Christian for two and a half years now, and the entire time I have done things on my time, in my way and wasn't really following God's will for my life. ( I guess you could say) I was doing all the good Christian things on the outside, I just wasn't really listeing to God and his plans for my life. In a sense I was pretty much kicking and screaming. God revealed to me that what he did was pick me up and take me out of the environment i was in because I was not listening to him, he has now taken all my worldy things away from me and has completely got my attention. I am here in a different situation and ready and willing to listen to my heavenly father who knows what is best for me.
That conversation on the way home from the airport brought so much peace into my life at this hectic moment. God has something sooo much better for me I just need to be willing to listen and to follow his direction.


Barbara said...

You are so blessed to be realizing this at your age!

I have just learned this year that "God gives wisdom to the wise" which means to me that a person needs to be open and receptive and searching for wisdom and guidance from God in His Word, through prayer and meditation, and watching and expecting God's intervention and blessings.

A lot of time we pray about something and God is totally trying to tell us something. He gives us all kinds of signs and even blesses us with something special, but we don't make the connection that it was something from God. We don't acknowledge Him for it; we take it for granted that such good "fortune" has come our way...when it was totally a "God thing".

Watch and see, God is always speaking and blessing us, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open. Of course, you have to ask, seek, and open and the scripture says--you have to take the first step; God doesn't force His will on us.

Hugs, Auntie

Anne said...

That is such a good point. Being a mom, you glimpses of the Lord's perspective. I've also heard that when you become a Mom, many people experience true agape love for the first time. I guess those two go hand in hand!

You are awesome!! I love you!