Thursday, January 7, 2010


The ability for my emotions to change at a blink of an eye is quite amazing and annoying at the same time. I can go from feeling good and motivated to depressed and sad. Sometimes there really is no good reason for the change. I guess it comes along with being pregnant sometimes.
On another note, hopefully we will be able to find a new place to live within the next two months so I can finally feel like my life is getting back to normal. This last year has been so hard and so unorganized. I am such an organized person that to have the comfort and stability of life changed so fast and so drastically changed me a lot. I love my in-laws but can't wait to have my own place, with my own shower and own bedroom and my kids to have their own bedrooms and life to just get back to semi-normal. It's just one thing I am looking forward to in 2010!! Can't wait...

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It has officially been way too long since i have posted something. Life got so busy with school, and children and church, ect. I miss writing so to add another thing to my 2010 To do list I am going to attempt to write on here more often. The end of 2009 was very hectic and life just seems sometimes to get crazy! As you all know we are expecting another precious life due the end of May. We get to find out (hopefully) what we are having on the 12th of this month. School is out until the 19th, but I am going to be taking all online classes, therefore I will pretty much be connected to my computer for 5 months.
This year, I decided we needed to eat healthier, not so much processed, boxed food, not as much fast food and just healthier food in general. Today was day #1 after grocery shopping last night. First off, buying food that is good for you costs more money than food that is contained in a box :) Second, my kids don't seem very happy about the lack of macaroni and cheese, sugary cereal, pop tarts, and the likes.
This morning it was plain yogurt with raspberries, blueberries and granola. I also gave them each a half of banana. The banana was all they ate. Cameron ate a few bites of the yogurt and said it was rotten and leilani didn't even touch it. Hopefully they will get use to the lack of sugar in their diet. Lunch consisted of whole wheat english muffin topped with shredded cheese, ham and pineapple to make little pizzas. They did eat those without complaint. Dinner will be chicken, cabbage and rice.
Hopefully lazy Amber will not kick back in and the process of cooking good food will not fail.

Until next time...